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As you know all that varun dhawan and natasha dala married date of the married is 24 , jan , 2021 and he and she both love each other and I thing know that they are school fiend and now he and she dinally makes husband and wife

In my websites I tell all thing about the married where did married place ? andalso the in which time what will the action all the thing in previews two blog lets check it once .

So finally the varun dhawan and natasha dalal are now the man and also the wife and their looking so beautiful and also they both chemistry was the visible at the the last night as they are looking or we say that  , when they came out to the pose for the paparazzi after taking the pheras .

There is many of the pictures and image of varun and natasha of the last night newlyweds from the last night are going viral very fast in social media .

And you know that both the dressed in the white outfits and also the couple looks like a gorgeous in the all photo and also each post are speaks the volumes of their amazing bonding or we say with the help of the picture we all see that varun and natasha bonding .

What the looks lovelier is the how varun is filled with the only love and also care his new bride .

And once something really happened romatic when the varun and natasha were they the getting clicked by the paparazzi outside the wedding or we say in the luxurious . the wedding place is the mansion house in the alibaug on the Sunday .

As the paps started clicking the pictures and image and the light began to flash , the varun asked to all to be easy and also not scare his bride . and varun said “araam se , vo darr jayegi”

And that time bride means natasha could not stop laughing and also the blushing and that the instantly spread the romance in the air

As the varun dhawan and also the natsha dalal wore the white at their wedding and looking so amazing while the groom is flaunted his henna and the bride flashed her wedding ring .

And both means varun  dhawan and natasha dala now thefinally the couple and once time he and she was the friend from their school days .

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