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As you know all that the pubg mobile has been banned in the India but let me tell you one thing the pubg mobile was not fully or permanent banned in the India  and there is so many people who do not know what is pubg mobile so the pubg mobile was the or type of the action game who was not permanent banned in india  .

Or with the help of the report we find that the pubg mobile india wont ever return to the india and the battle royale game likely to face permanent ban s the centre has no plan to be unban pubg mobile game.

So as you all know that who love action game the new game FAU-G released after the pubg banned so as after the release of the new action game name was FAU-G full form it {fearless and united guards } and also all the gamers across the india are only or we say that eagerly waiting for the return of the PUBG full form of the pubg is {players unknown battlegrounds}

And at last with the help of the reports we find that the last report come to suggest that the ban on the royal game may be the permanent or we say that our {PM} narendra modi government has tell or said to refused or we say also said that banned the all multiple china origin apps .


With the help of the reports we find that the , or we say that in this week the centre decided to be banned the 59 all apps of china mobile application fully or we say that permanently .

And the ministry of the electronic and also the information technology {meitY} informed companies and also including PUBG corporation and said about the permanent banned in the India and also making it difficult for the battle royale to be return in the censored form.

As the citing sources are familiar with the latest updates of the game and also IGN india reported that the centre has not any plan for the unban PUBG mobile

And also you know that authorities is like the stupid because the development of the game is still in the hand of the china.

And the meanwhile the new game was launch the new game name is FAU-G and it was the same like the pubg mobile it was the action game and now finally come in the india for the all android mobile devices users the main aim of the this game is to provide the alternative to the pubg mobile .

Step to download this game :-

STEP 1: always remember or make sure that the your mobile data is on or the stable the wifi connection

STEP 2: go to the or click to the google play store .

STEP 3 : and search or type the  game game FAU-G game


STEP 5: and click on the download button

STEP 6: just install it and play the game

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