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why looks don't matter in 2020



October 23, 2020



They don't natter so much as you think , if at the all , or for the women. Se on questions how many times you have seen the very very attractive woman -

I mean that , like and super attractive - that walking down in the street and also hand in hand with the short , overweight and also the balding man ? I give you some a hint : as more times than you can count

why looks don't matter

But don't say that or not to say looks won't help you in a bit -- they will and also but only for the brief moment why looks don't matter

Only the looks can give you the slight boost in the getting the woman's and attention and also that's about it

As after you will start talking to the woman and but she won't care one iota about the how much chiseled your are face is or also how big your biceps are why looks don't matter

But only I throught all women are like nice and chiseled face and big and also the muscular arms ? As well , fortunately for us the men , they don't

Let's start :-



Hey!!! Here I'm not talking about the social status as in the fancy cars or the gigantic Hollywood mansions.

As I clear you Frist, that what I mean by the social status is social intelligence . Only the women are the innately attracted to the men who are the socially skilled why looks don't matter

why looks don't matter

Se guys a you know that who can make the women laugh or also act confidently around them and also the communicate effectively with the them are the men who are have high social status

As the men who are possess these traits turm on tg attraction of switches with in the minds of the women.

And these switches have been wired since in the beginning of the time.

I am talking about the when our ancestors were in banging rocks and also rubbing sticks together lived in the tribes and also relied on the each other to the survive


the only men who are were most socially adept were considered in the alpha males of the these group and also were often given in the best of the everything the tribe had to the offer

As they were given the best of the best food , water , shelter and also the resources and also therefore ,had the best of health and something that was in the incredibly important to the woman looking for the a mate

why looks don't matter

See that , it was not the most physically dominant or also the best looking men who the led these group , but rather , the most socially savvy why looks don't matter

We are evolved into in the most intelligent animals on the planet because of the our spoken word and also communication

As we conversed , exchanged ideas and also proapered as the species because of the our incredibly high regard for the interpersonal communication

Without this all , we would not have to come so far ( as we did probably still be rubbing in the sticks together , instead of the turning up the heat in our comfortable homes )

With that I said , that the women are the naturally endeared to the men who are possess this quality .

The only men who have the highest social status or the social game are only the most attractive of all !


Knowing to women are the primarily attracted to the characteristics like the leadership , confidence , humore or social aptitude and also the other favorable traits is the great thing for the guys why looks don't matter

This all means that we can change our level of the attractiveness to the women by the working on and also improving these skills.

why looks don't matter

If the attraction was the based solely on the looks and the lot of us would be the screwed

As thankfully , it is not ,however and also the we have the way of increasing our level of if by

the working on the our personalities and also working on the aforementioned quality traits , we can become the more desirable in the eyes of the more women


As despite what you are may believe , as your looks are not as permanent .

But the your mind , heart and also ghr soul may be the , but your looks are not ! They change every day

We age as the each second passes and also our looks after slightly with the each fleeting moment

Not the only that , but we can and also constantly do alter our appearance whether the through changing our hairstyles , clothing, physique or the something else

As the women intuitively know this . They know that the when they meet the guy , he is the not going to the look the same years down to the road.

why looks don't matter

He may be lose his hair ,gain the belly or the just grow old , like all of the us do

They realize that this is because of these same things will happen to them in the some capacity why looks don't matter

Therefore , the women do not put as the much emphasis into the way of the guy looks when she meets him

The only men whobhace the best personalities often attract the most women they have the confidence , leadership , social skills and also the charisma to be that quintessential alpha male that women desire

Remember do not focus on the trying to make yourself physically attractive : instead , focus on the building your personality . Do this and also the rest will follow and by the rest , I mean women

As always women will desire your personality above all the else so work on the crafting the good one


As everyone has the heard at the least one person of mindlessly regurgitate In the cliched and somehkw self assuring expression:

That looks don't matter as only these words are often hopefully exclaimed to the put self evaluatinh minds at ease . But the how much truth do they really hold

why looks don't matter

No doubt that looks definitely matter , but the they're not in the only thing that are matter. But the people that say they are don't matter are probably not being in real how you look doesn't matter

As you know , they wouldn't know the new person until the they go and also talk to them and also whether they know it or not

And Almost everyone is conducts an appearance based evaluation inside the their head when they seeing somenone new


Looks don’t really matter, but high schoolers judge one another tons anyway how you look doesn't matter

Like really, can we just chill out? Looks interest most high schoolers, I’d say,” junior Drew May said how you look doesn't matter

It’s no secret that prime schoolers are often savage towards each other , either blatantly or behind each others’ back, but this era of violent immaturity is curtail as they get older why looks doesn't matter

Not everyone shares within the belief that appears matter in particular else.

why looks don't matter

“No matter where you're in life, looks are important to tons of individuals in society, but it’s not always everyone’s defining factor why looks doesn't matter

But people in highschool care about appearances and getting attention for it,” junior Cassidy Wilson said how you look doesn't matter

Those besides Cassidy who claim to not place importance on appearances perhaps are reacting to the social pressures forced on them by the unspoken rule of adolescence


don’t be shallow. Some who are ridiculed for genuinely caring more about appearances over other factors are so quick to blurt the banal, conscious-easing exaggeration explaining how looks don’t mean one thing in their eyes.

However, there's an honest portion of individuals who genuinely believe that someone’s deep seeded authentic qualities,

why looks don't matter

encompassed in their overall personality, are a much more important aspect to think about than looks how you look doesn't matter

“Personality and the way someone treats people is more important than looks why looks doesn't matter

The qualities that folks have like how they interact with others are getting to take them further than simply counting on wealthy ,” junior Cassidy Wilson said how you look doesn't matter


A lot of men have grown up feeling insecure about their looks.

Many folks have experienced the sensation where we expect that we are just out of a reasonably girl’s league. it's a incontrovertible fact that girls will notice whether you're physically attractive or not.

Your appearance is vital but as long as the girl doesn’t know you yet.

why looks don't matter

you would possibly get judged for being bald or too short, you'll even get rejected for your looks but I can tell you from my experience and from the experiences of most of my clients that if you act the proper way then it almost never happens.


I bet you’ve noticed physically not the simplest looking guys with beautiful girls.

I wondered for years how that would be, there had to be something about them and it certainly wasn’t the looks.

You might tell me that the not so attractive guys only have success with women once they are rich.

this is often not entirely true. We all know that there are girls who are after your money out there but let’s be honest who wants to spend time with these sorts of girls anyway.

All they are doing is use you, usually there's a complete lack of any actual interest from their side. attempt to imagine someone who has achieved financial success for a moment .


If you think that about someone like that then he’s probably performing on his business and his goals.

why looks don't matter

He presumably doesn’t care tons about what others think and he's on his own path. When it involves women he probably features a lot of options. He has been through tons .

he's presumably nonreactive and unapologetic to women during a healthy way because he knows what he wants and may probably find a replacement partner any time he would want to. That sort of behavior is extremely attractive to women.

why looks doesn't matter

so as to know that we'd like to require a better check out our past why looks doesn't matter

To make it really simple. believe human history for a second. Most of human history we've lived a really simple life in small groups or tribes.

a bit like with most mammals and primates today society or the tribe you'd have lived in consisted of alpha males and beta males.

why looks don't matter

The alpha male was the highly social and charismatic leader who was ready to take critical decisions and keep the tribe alive.


He was smart, he was confident and had his own strong opinion. Women were naturally interested in that man due to his great genetics.

The genes of a pacesetter , a survivor, someone smart and assured . a person was presumably never alleged to look good.

actually he probably had many scars from fighting with the wild animals and other tribes. Not much has changed evolutionarily.

Women still react thereto same quite behavior. in fact one ought to not walk around with horrible hygiene and haven't any taste in fashion.


It still is vital to be healthy and lookout of yourself but that's really it. you are doing not need to be a prince on a white horse.

What appearance mostly does is that it gives you permission. believe a social interaction between a person and a lady .

Socially it’s okay permanently looking men to approach women and have amazing interactions with them.

why looks don't matter

If an honest looking guy goes up to a woman , the girl will assume that in fact he's confident, he's tall, he's handsome. He just has got to be why looks doesn't matter

Here’s what happens when a not so attractive man goes up to a woman . i will be able to guarantee you that the girl will think something along these lines “This guy walks up to me what the hell, he’s not even pretty.

There must be something about him.” Being a physically not so attractive guy gives you even during a way quite a plus . it's called passive attraction.


If I could prefer to be a 10/10 handsome, tall, muscular guy or myself the chubby bald guy, then i might choose being myself.

It makes me stand out more.

To conclude alpha male behavior equals rich guy behavior, a minimum of usually.

If you think that about rich people then these are usually the characteristics of a naturally attractive man or an alpha male.

why looks don't matter

There are tons of parallels here. MONEY doesn’t count what counts is that the attitude that comes with it why looks doesn't matter

The attitude on the opposite hand can easily be learned and mimicked.

Yes you as a mean guy can totally find out how to behave therein way and may even as easily have great success with women why looks doesn't matter


A study published in psychology checked out 167 couples, both dating and married, who had been together anywhere from three months to 58 years.

Each participant’s attractiveness was independently evaluated consistent with scientific rating scales

(Although there was no swimsuit competition, which does seem slightly less scientifically rigorous than could be desired.) Researchers found that folks who got together shortly after meeting attended be similarly matched in terms of attractiveness, whereas couples who hung out within


the friend-zone before becoming romantically involved were more mis-matched in their looks why looks don't matter

This builds on previous research they did finding that even in non-romantic contexts, notions of attractiveness change as we get to understand another person why looks don't matter

“Our results indicate that perceptions of beauty during a romantic partner might change with time, as individuals get to understand each other better before they begin dating,” said researcher Lucy Hunt, of the University of Texas at Austin.

why looks don't matter

“Having longer to urge acquainted may allow other factors, like another person’s compatibility as a relationship partner, to form that person appealing in ways in which outshine more easily observable characteristics like physical attractiveness why looks don't matter

Or perhaps another person might actually become more attractive within the eyes of the beholder by virtue of those other factors.”



As no one wants to be in judged solely by in the way they looks , nor also should they . As the attractiveness is the defined by the many things that go beyond the superficial.

That being said that , there are the certain things about the appearance that are quite important

And no matter how shallow it sounds looks do matter and but not in that or in the way you may be thinking Looks don’t matter in love

As you know no one is here to suggesting that you need to be in the size 2 or have the biceps like in the hulk

And also even if you are in the nearly in the perfect of physical specimen and there are the number of the less obvious things that can take your ATTRACTIVENESS quotient down several notches Looks don’t matter in love



Being attracted to the someone with the sexually happens for the variety of the reasons . It not all about the way they look Looks don’t matter in love

But also there is the no getting around in the fact that sexual interest starts with the finding someone as attractive physically

why looks don't matter

This is the only slightly truer for the men than the for women - as women are the drawn to the attractive men as much as the men are drawn to attractive women

As the mentioned that , finding someone as physically attractive is not the only way or reason for the sexual interest Looks don’t matter in love

Most of the people will or the should look beyond that when the deciding to the initiate the sexual relationship. But the initial attractions to the another person based on their appearance can not be denied


This is only the true through all the stages of the relationship and also not just at the beginning.

Many of the people start to become the less concerned about their appearance as the relationship matures Looks don’t matter in love

While it is the great to feel that comfortable around the your partner and also like you don't always need to look like your are headed to q black tie event and looking sloppy and also letting yourself go is not good idea either

why looks don't matter

Chnage in the bodies as they age and or also due to pregnancy or also illness happen there js the no avoiding that and also two people in the love should be willing to embrace each other changes Looks don’t matter in love

But that is doesn't mean that the taking care of the yourself physically and also from the grooming stand point can go by the wayside.


Remember , how you look says that a lot about who you are and also how you feel about yourself

As staying physically fit or being well groomed and also the dressing appropriately are the indications that you respect and also feel good about the yourself or you respect and also want to be present yourself in the best way Looks don’t matter in love

So as , these are not in the only measures of the self respect . As unfortunately there are the plenty of the people who are fail to recognise that their behaviour and also choice must go hand in hand with in the image they are trying to project

As otherwise it is all about the window dressing


So as you know all that , there is no disputing that the exercise is good doe the your health.

As most of us , if we are being hones and want not only to be healthy but the to look fit and also attractive Looks don’t matter in love

You know , the upside is that only these two things go to hand in hand . The person concern for their physical shape and also appearance has the positive impact on their health

why looks don't matter

When being addressed through the exercise people who are workout and also therefore look like they are workout and are typically healthier overally than those who are look like they sit on the couch

So as whether it is vanity , the direct concern for the your health and also stress levels or the combination of the both , staying physically fir is wise choice Looks don’t matter in love


As it's is the almost always true as you know , when you feel like you look good and also you feel better about yourself

We stand the little taller when we are feel like we are the most attractive version of the ourselves Looks don’t matter in love

This all does not mean that we are only striving to look like the ken or also barbie , but the remember it does mean that we are doing in the besh for the ourselves by way of grooming and also staying physically healthy Looks don’t matter in love

As one of the best ways to boost your own self esteem is only to feel like you are the taking care of the yourself in the positive way and also that it shows

You know , the admitting that looks matter can makes many people feel as uncomfortable Looks don’t matter in love

why looks don't matter

It's may seem the little archaic and also the bit narcissistic to focus on the anything as superficial as the physical appearance.

And also if that were your only concern , it would be

Remember , that or but appearance can tell or indicate the lot about the someone ---

As do they take care of the themselves are the they likely to be the healthy and also do they seem to have the self confidence and also self respect ?

But that old saying about the books and also their covers . While the appearance can tell us that certain things and it does not tell us everything but as looks are the often a pretty good clue

" !
As any one , have you encountered the girl that saying that looks does not matter for her in the selecting the guy.

The chances are the girl is the aged somewhere around the 24 or 26 and also is getting pressure form home to be married

As well , do not be to fooled by the this for is utter non - sense

why looks don't matter

Remember , where did this sensible talk of the girls go when they are were during their late teens and just entering colleges---

And when making boyfriend and also the girlfriend was the social status symbol

Aa I'd you are kot in the currently that age bracket and take as yourself back the few years and also remmber what the preference of the girls were ?


Yes right !! They wanted always good looking handsome hunk guys as you know as the boyfriends with the not even a second glance at the nerdy guys looks doesn't matter to me

As you know that they prefer fooling around with the duda rather than being friends with the sensible guys who are probably will value the relationship more .

As where all this leads them ? You guessed it right again - nowhere !

why looks don't matter

By the time this is realization come that they have come to the age of the 24 or 26 where they look forward to marriage and { or made to do so by parental pressures }

And also then suddenly they realize that life isn't all about the good looking cool dudes and also making your girlfriend jealous and and also earning brownie points over your boyfriend looks doesn't matter to me


And then the statement comes that -- looks don't matter to me

As I recently debated in the topic with the female friend of the mine and she was flabbergasted at in the blunt truth I put jn the front of her .

And she argued that the with time girls mature and also realize whag the true beauty means looks doesn't matter to me

why looks don't matter

Does it come or takes approx 5 or 6 years and also failed in the relationship with the 2 kr 3 duda to get the that realization ?

And what is the or this realisation ? So it is that life cannot be spent on the basis of the good looks but the financial stability and also sensibility which they figure out they will find out in the last known nerdy as guys as which have now become the successful in the their liveS


As has now the definition of the beauty is changed to money and also success ? And not as the If their attraction for good looking guys has ended.

It is like just that the average successful guy is the average looking -- so the pretty much not many options looks doesn't matter to me

As I think that the argument against the bitter truth is the futile so she ended up to saying she is not the like that date I disagree with the woman?!

why looks don't matter

To prove and strengthen my point i will be able to request you to travel through a number of the entries of the important Beauty Blogging Contest by Yahoo and Dove. 99.0% of the women have written about how beauty is aside from physical beauty.

If only they meant it! is that this contest only about writing to win or was it meant for something more? Only a couple of posts like this dare to ask the question – if i'll quote from the blog looks doesn't matter to me

a minimum of once you check out that person, for one minute you'll have some opinion for that person.


If you don’t have any work with him/her then you'll probably not even attempt to strike a conversation.”

Point here is that why are girls not upfront about it? Why they need to disguise it?

Aa When the man is the upfront in the saying that the he likes good looking girl and, the girl snorts at the him saying- looks doesn't matter to me

“Does external beauty only matters to you?” Here is that the answer

why looks don't matter

“No Lady! We value the emotional bonding within the relationship the maximum amount as you are doing but we don’t mind telling the reality that yes we do appreciate physical beauty also looks doesn't matter to me

it's not the sole or most vital criteria find a woman but certainly a criterion for us. a bit like YOUR’S.

It’s just that you simply don’t say but we do. As for us beauty is the that the whole package –

are or also right from in the physical beauty to the emotional bonding and also from the deep understanding to the sensuous touch – at last It’s everything!. Hope you only understand!”

BUT !!!!!!!




If you are ugly and you are fucked !

It's harder to form friends because people judge you supported your looks, that successively then ruins the persons self-worth and confidence, which successively makes it even harder to satisfy new people because you're so self conscious that you simply avoid eye contact with people because you're scared of what they think.

It's harder for ugly people to urge employment , as well, if you've got dark circles underneath your eyes, people will think you're sick and need to remain faraway from you, if you've got acne they think you're unhygienic and dirty.

why looks don't matter

Telling folks that looks don't matter is simply giving false hope.

Looks are so so important, people judge you so fucking hard supported what you appear as if .

I know I'm ugly, don't tell me I'm not! Don't say 'oh but you've got a stunning personality though!' Nice personalities come second after a pleasant appearance! nobody takes ugly people seriously! Ugly people are the butt of jokes looks doesn't matter in love

Ugly people are gross. So please Don't tell me my personality is the more important than because it's not! I'm ugly, i am do know it and also that i know people see it and also judge me for it, i do know they think less of the me for it. Being ugly means that people care less about you, they dont you set effort into the going to know you.

Looks are everything during this world! If you're ugly, your worthless. People dont care about not you why looks don't matter

Only attractive people and brainwashed ugly people really believe that it's whats on the within that matters.

Bullshit! Looks do matter! If you're ugly, you're fucked!



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