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January 27, 2021



Yes !! you are thinking right the vikas gupta who was the star and also in the bigg boss 14 he had open her or we said that the he took the financial crisis and he was taken the loan about the or the amounting to Rs 1.8 crore  . this news was shocked to all the person who we see the bigg boss or we say that who know the vikas gupta .

And also vikas gupta says that the or we said that talked about the issue with the his family . brother and also the mother . and he also revealed that the he was under debts of rupees amounting to the Rs 1.8 crore .


As you know that the since in the bigg boss 14 challenger name was vikas gupta entered in the house and he has making the headlines so fast and we say firstly and he also made the headlines for this identity also and now , in the last episode the vikas gupta in the front of the bigg boss housemates name like nikki tamboli , rahul vaidya , abhinav shukla , aly goni and also the last rubina dilaik opend the his personal issues .

So he started telling about the personal issues with the his family , brother and also the mother . and he also said that he was revealed that he was under the debts about rupees to Rs 1.8 crore . when this all thing telling vikas gupta then the aly said or we say that warned him to not get against with his mother , as to which the TV producer said that the “and imagine all the things I have gone through ”

And also said that the his parents had been clearly said that the we will lose the claim on the vikas property if we are go against him in the media . but I am sorry to sai that the or sorry for saying this but the normally kids do not go before the parents !!

And after some time vikas gupta also said that the or we say that explained why he not playing the game in the bigg boss 14 because of his mother treatment and also asked her to be leave his house . and he also was heard saying that  the :

the points come were or we say point come were vikas gupta sell his house and also when he called his mother to talk about this serious matter and she just said that the he was busy on the some trip and also said that the talk to you after the 10 days and after listen this all thing he broke and also said that the he cannot bear the cost of their treatment and he also said that or asked them to sell the house in the dehradun and also instead of giving my shares for just use the money for treatment and at last he don’t have any option and he took the loan of amounting to Rs 1.8 crore

With the help of the TOI we find that the vikas also share that his family was nice to him but only for the or because of the money . and once they comes to know that the he was bi-sexual , and also do not get the married and also don’t have the kids all the property of vikas will be theirs .





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