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January 25, 2021

As you know that arnab goswami was the biggest anchor of the republic tv (news channel) . so for fix the rating and the TRP the arnab goswami gives Rs 40 lakhs and they scam it


So the arnab goswami is the republic tv anchor and also the editor in the chief ad reportedly paid the us$ 12,000 in the two spate holidays and also the total number or amount will we 40 laks to the manipulate the rating and trp or the channel over the span of the more than three years and also former CEO of the broadcast audience research council (BARC) is claimed in the handwritten statement to the Mumbai police .

Matter of report :-

The report by the Indian express quoted dasgupta statement in the 3600 pages will we supplementary by the chargesheet filed by the Mumbai police on the january 11 and you know what which also include the a BARC forensic audit report and also the whatsapp chates between the two and also the statements from the 59 person , that including the former COO of the BARC name was the romil ramgarhia and also the republic media network (news channel) CEO name was the vikas khanchandani  .

The statement of the dasgupta : he said that the “I have know the arnab goswami since form 2004 and also we used to work together in the times now after I joined the BARC as CEO in the 2013 and thye arnab goswami launched the republic tv in 2017 after launching the republic tv arnab always ask me or talk to me about the plans for the lauch and also I indirectly help him to get the good help or good rating to his channel and arnab goswami knew very ell that how TRP works and how the TRP system works and then he also alluded to helping me to out in the future ”

Wait this is not the full statement so the further said thet “ the I worked worked with the my team which makes the republic as the or get the number 1 rating . and this all thing continued from the 2017 to the 2019 towards this also in the 2017 arnab and me meet personally at the hotel of name is st regis hotel and lower parel and also given me 6000 dollars cash for for my france and also the Switzerland family trip and also in the 2019 arnab goswami had me personally me at the place of hotel given up 6000 dollar for my trip Sweden and also demark  family trip ”

“And this will we continue as like that in 2017 arnab had personally met him at the place of ITC parel hotel and also given me Rs 20 lakh cash and also the same 2018 and 2019 arnab again met me and give me at same hotel and given me the Rs 10 lakh each time ”

And the dasgupta lawyer name was arjun sigh has been refuted this allegation

However , the separate statement of the republic media has been accused the rival TV channel times now of the manipulating TRPs suppressing the facts and also misleading the public .

And you know what it has also said that there has been the collusion of the corporate and also political interests to target its editor in chief name = arnab goswami

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