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January 25, 2021

As you know that bird flu is going to we viral in the so fast in all most the states so first of all we safe it and don’t eat the eggs and also the chicken . if you want to eat then heated good at 70 o .


This report comes form the new Delhi that the bird flu outbreaks have been come confirmed in the 12 states

Out of which cases have been reported in the poultry birds from the nine states and while in the sild birds from 12 states

So on the date of 23 january outbeaks of the avian influenza have been the confirmed in the these nine states for the poultry birds :


  1. Haryana

  2. Madhya pradhesh (MP)

  3. Maharashtra

  4. Chhattisgarh

  5. uttarakhand (UK)

  6. uttar Pradesh (UP)

  7. Gujarat

  8. Punjab

With the help of the report or we say according to ministry statements the bird flu cases have been reported or the find in these 12 states for the crow / migratory / wild birds and what are those states so here is the list :

  1. Madhya Pradesh (MP)

  2. Maharashtra

  3. Haryana

  4. Himachal Pradesh (HP)

  5. Chhattisgard

  6. Gujarat

  7. Uttarakhand (UK)

  8. Uttar Pradesh (UP)

  9. Rajasthan

  10. Punjab

  11. Delhi

  12. Jammu and Kashmir

As however , the crow/pigeon was samples submitted from the rudraprayag , landowne forest range and also paudi forest range of the uttarakhand

And the pigeon on samples from the sriganganagar district of the rajasthan : crow and also peacock

Same as the samples from the fatepur district of the uttar Pradesh have been the found the negative for the avian influenza and the statement added

And you know what the control and also the containment operations was (means as cleaning and also disinfection) are going on the was the affected epicenters of the maharshtra , Madhya Pradesh (MP) , Chhattisgarh , Punjab, uttar Pradesh (UP) , Gujarat , uttarakhand and also the kerala .

As per the permission the compensation of the paid to the farmers whose has poultry birds , eggs and also poultry feed are the culled and disposed of by the sate as per the action plan also . and the department of the animal husbandry and also dairying (DAHD) is provides the funds to the sates and UTs on the 50:50 as sharing the basic under the ASCAD component of the its LH and also DC scheme as said by the ministry

All the states are daily reporting to the department on the daily basic that how the contol measures based on the action plan this said by the statement

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