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January 24, 2021

Yes!! With the help of the title you already understand so let me clear you more:

The reports or we say that governments statement that , the reserve bank of india means = (RBI) is planning or making the decision to withdraw the all old currency notes of the Rs 100, 10 and also Rs 5.

the proper report of the scrap of old notes go out circulation by the end of the march and also april as the top bank of confirmation from the RBI as yet on the matter .

and I also clear you that the noted that are new notes of Rs 100 , 10 and also 5 have the already come into the circulation in the exchange for the old notes.

According to the sources the new currency notes were realeased bu the RBI reserve bank of india in the 2019 .so seen during the demonetization period , as the RBI is not in the favour to the withdraw circulation of the any of old notes

So because of it apex bank been the new currency notes in the market ,

As you know that if we talk about the Rs 10 coin , even the after 15 years of its introduction and the coin has not been accepted by the traders and also so many businessmen which has been become the problem for the banks and also RBI .

The surface of the cons make the doubt among with the people about its validity . and you know that traders and also the shopkeepers still refuse to take the Rs 10 coin that does not mean have the rupee symbol on them.


The new comes that the days after new comes that or with the help of the report the RBI reserve bank of india said that the old series of the currency notes of Rs 100 , Rs 10 and Rs 5 may be scrapped this all are fake news have the flooded social media.

As the new news comes that the published in the hindi newspaper claimed that the central bank has  planned to withdraw Rs 100 , Rs 10 and Rs 5 notes by the march  2021

And soon the picture was report .


The several such as the false claims have the been made expecially since the prime minister the NARENDRA MODI , in the surprise move on the november at 8, 2016

As the withdrawal of the currency notes of Rs 1000 and also the Rs 500 denomination from the banking system .

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