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October 31, 2020


See I know that how you feel when you work where you unfulfilled at work. { Power Of Values }

Because ,

                      Same condition this my I am , also not fulfilled at my work but as how I or you say by doing some experiment I love my work now.

Because of Professor Of Anthropology

Yours questions come that how ?,

feeling unfulfilled

            one thing also because of feeling unfulfilled your mind will lazy Brain and you don't work more because of lazy Brain

And also I always listen to my Active Listener and I also say to you will also listen always Active Listener because it was right always

                              So , today I will tell you how you will comfortable with your work . Some trick or tips for feeling good at work.

First we discussed some successful man/women story

See, as you know I don't know you,  that you read the some story of successful men and women.

After so many years I read some story of a successful man and women . In his and her story he / she tell about himself.


And you will be shocked that he and she tell that , same situation of unfulfilled at work he and she face but however they now become the successful with that same work

I know , it was so difficult to leave the work.


After leaving the work it is difficult to find nest job or work and also not everyone is so rich so that they leave he / her job immediately.

So the question come ?? What we do now ?

As I know that so many people have the careers in his work but unfortunately he and she do not love his work so what we do?

It is not easy to I motivated you !! But yes I give you the solution of it


As I talk in starting I will tell about or we say

Lazy Brain

some tips and tricks that help you to find the work postive when you are not fulfilled :


I know , you will clear with the only heading but let me example you what was it ,

And what was your purpose to do work and how we find this purpose ?

As you know all that of you are not happy do your work and then you never will become the successful man / women  in that work

Because , you are not interested to do work you force fully doing the work

I know ? , You are doing this work because only for the money , I know that all want money , school done , college done , then earn money .


feeling unfulfilled

That why you are not fulfilled with your work

So start , or start for now if you are not interested in doing that work so decide the purpose for doing the work and start it

Find out the really and truly purpose for doing the that work and enjoy that work .


See why I writer say postive in your work

You know that , positive play the bestest role in the doing your unfulfilled work . Questions come but how ?

Because if you understand the your work then you will understand or you will enjoy your work  right now you are not enjoying your work

So how you enjoy your work and feel postive In work ?

First no matter what was your professional is , just remove form your mind

Because , it you think again and again about your professional do not able to become the successful in your main work and you will always not be fulfilled with your work .

Second , just create the list that you like the most in your recent job , write 10 ways or more . I say this because ,

If you write this positive word for the your work and paste it we're you feel more demotivated so just see the that list and you will more positive with your work

Then the Positive of your work is always around you


Yes !!! I know that , you understand the heading that keep your mind towards your goal and also work on it

But if you understand this , then why you are not working on it let me clear you

So many people face problems because of this because he and she don't have the goal so why he/she working and that why they become unfulfilled with work .

and , he and she mind will we lazy brain


So for today , start planning with your goal same make the list of your goal

Start dates , which dates this goal will complete ,save the money

And run towards with your goal if you run towards with your goal

Then you will find that you love your work and paste your list of goal in somewhere and if you demotivated again just see and focus on goal and goal dates { power of values }

Lets do it !!!


See , if you are not do small and small tasks you can not archive your goal because as I know ,

Goal is bigger than the small tasks !!

And however if you are doing some small small tasks . No matter what was that small tasks but if you do the small tasks than you find that you love your work

And also come towards your dream and goal

If you do small small tasks your skill in that work also increases . With the help of this you get to achieve you big goal .

feeling unfulfilled

And when you feeling unfulfilled  than if you are targeting the big goal than however you can't achive it because you go negative and you hates your work

Other side if you are planning small small task to complete it the if you are demotivated then if the small task will complete then you automatically motivated

And then you love your work and go towards your goal


So start planning small tasks to complete it


The most of the problem is that he and she don't put his / her emotional at quality high

Let me explain you !!!

Se..the emotional is also play big role if you don't have the high quality of the emotional then you not get success in you work .

Because ,

             If you doing the work regularly per don't get the results of it you hate your work

As I know that in the work or the job ups and downs comes again and again but we want to face it with high emotional quality

If you have the attitude or have the high quality emotional then you will succeed but how ? It possible

Se you will emotional with your work then you will do more and more work to so anyone

And that how emotional help in feeling fulfilled at work


        just work on this 5 point I am sure that you will love your work and get successful in your work

And never ever you will demotivated with your work

Also always listen to Active Listener

And also do not feel like Shitty Day !!

           So many people feel Shitty Day that why I say !!!

I also do this same thing and now I love my work so much and also going towards with the success and my goal

So let's do it and become successful

               This is all about the feeling unfulfilled at work


Why you feel uncomfortable in life ??

           I main reason of its that you don't have the any type of happyness in your life

As with the work or job you are unfulfilled with the family and friends you are unfulfilled and that why with life your and feeling unfulfilled .

You know ??

            In this situation you are wrong because if only the one you feel unfulfilled

So read my post carefully!!!!


lets answer me first :-

       Do you ever feel alone ? Do you even feel no one is here to understand you ? Do you even feel that all friends and family are fake ?? Do yoy even feel fake world ?? Do you even feel something this missing I my life ?

See , I know that some times ever one not you as special feel empty ness in his and her life because this is the situation where we also don't now why we feel soo empty ness { gym workout }

feeling unfulfilled

But seeting alone this the best for empty feel ??

I think I am right !!!

No matter how successful you are , how many people love you , how much money you earn , how loyal yoru friends and family are not matter


But we feel empty !!! So question comes why??.

So today I will tell you why you feel soo. Empty !!


#1. YOU DON'T KNOW , who you are , who you want and who you want to be

You know why I writers this ?

Let me explain you !!!

            Something what happened you have lose your mind and that why you feel so emptyness in your life

Because you live that life that you don't have the purpose of  leaving so make the purpose first.


As you don't know who you are , who you want  and also who you want to be.

I know this mind sight happnens so many times because of some work pressure,  relationship pressure or etc.. and

Then you feel so alone and also want no one in your life and want to alone is better for you .

But you are wrong

          I this times you want to talk with someone who you truly love you and they feel you stronger at you are so that you be stronger always.

If you not stronger that time then it reflects you only not me .


Meaningful relationships play the bestest role in the empty ness feeling .

Because if you don't have the proper relationship with someone like friends , family etc.. so your empty ness or what you feel around you.


Cant share with him and her and because of it you love alone as simple as this only happen when the lack of relationships is there ..

I know how you feel when there is no one to listen you !!

You see so many people who talk his friends on daily basis and share all the think no matter that think is wrong or good but jusf share and that why other people always feel good

But i your situation we feel empty or alone because we don't have any one with whom we share the feeling

So for today start talking with people and make the good relationship with him and her


As or with the help of the heading I think you understand what I want to say with you

But let I explained more about it

See I main problem is this only the emptyness feeling because of you remember your past

In past where you heart will broken , failure ,you are loser , breakup etc...

feeling unfulfilled

Because of only the past you remember when you feel emptyness make the more and more empty inside you

And that why you forget who you are and who you want to be in life

So we all or not to remember past whenever you are empty I said so easily but it is not easy I also know .


But we try we only do time waste and our health waste for just reminding past you regret and also self blame won't do you any good.

So forget your past and attention in your present and grow and heal


If you don't have the any dream in your life your self or other like family etc..

You don't have dream than you don't have the   purpose of leaving in the life .

Because you don't have any dream in your life to fulfill it that why you feel so empty

As you work for continued again and again but you not enjoying and because of you don't enjoying you feel emptyness

If you have any dream in you life anf then work for that dream to fulfill it then you enjoy your life and you always happy in your life

As because if you are working for towards something you that find meaningful and also making the motivation in the world


       The only person can understand the reasons why you feel so empty is yourself . Just read my article again and make sure deep inside and them think why you feel emptyness


Just ask yourself that your relationship is on right way or not ??

As I know that all the relationship or we say some relationship don't work so smoothly

So why this happened ??

You know that what need for smooth relationship or require in the ability to be open and passionate.

And if you are able to Eye Contact with each other and eye contect goo long term then also the relationship always goo in long term { daily basis }

You say how Eye Contact matter ?? But my dear friend eye contact tell how much or long term you love each other . You are not seeing anyone because of you are each other { gym workout }

feeling unfulfilled

feeling unfulfilled in relationship

As sometimes this is not happy and that why relationship break in middle.

So today I tell why this happened ?

Unfulfilled Life

And why you feel unfulfilled in your relationship


All the game is all about the not giving the priority in the committed relationship to have the interest outside of the their partnership.

As you know you both have the soo many friends , family and other thing to do but the problem is here when you not give each other priority

One is doing his and her work or about telling other and if other knows and he and she feel bad and relationships break and not work in long term

feeling unfulfilled in relationship

So do work or don't hide anything  with each other do work with each other .

For long term relationship

Now a days people want your love and also priority , not your Basic Income

Basic Income don't buy love so don't focus on Basic Income and just leave or forget the

Basic Income

Unfulfilled Life

People want feel special !!


As I know that , future plan is more and more important in the truth love and true relationship in their life

feeling unfulfilled in relationship

If you don't have any plan than why you both are together with each other what was you doing with each other ?

Relationship is not the joke

If you don't have any plan with each other for futher than how you will say that you are in relationship each other

feeling unfulfilled

I think it was the time pass !!

If you want to each other with 1 year than you make the future plan if you don't want than carryon it

If each other is your priority then you make the future plan and if you don't have priority and I was not your future

feeling unfulfilled in relationship

Understand now !


Only and only Lack Of Meaning they don't understand each other

if there is never there for you why are you each other together ??

If some one say or one say that you need help then if your partner is not helping you that time and why you come in relationship with each other

It is also comes in the priority !

If you do not help each other in tough situation then this is not the relationship I meaning of the relationship take care of each other

So go and find some one how love you and also you love you and cares you

Lack Of Meaning is here

Really need you !


As if you are so busy in your life with the your friends and also the family than why about your partner

feeling unfulfilled in relationship

If you don't give time to each other don't spend time with each other than what was or why you are in relationship with each other .

So go and spend time each other if you want each other as further each other


You know that , when we feel uncomfortable then we do stupid thing like pencil rolling

As you see so many time you do this pencil rolling

Yes !!! I will tell your how you feel when you are unfulfilled

feeling unfulfilled

And ,

Also tell you how you fix them and enjoy your happy life

Read it carefully!!!


The main reason behind the feeling unfulfilled is you living in your comfort zone.

As you know , you living in your comfort zone that's why you will feeling unfulfilled and you do not know,  you stuck with your own comfort zone.

And because you stuck with your comfort zone you face the problem like feeling unfulfilled , bad thinking or etc..

Also in wrong place they stuck.

what to do when feeling unfulfilled

Reason behind comfort zone is you do not go with or towards with your goal.

Because of Professor Of Anthropology

And then you feel unfulfilled.

                         So from today onwards target your goal and leave your comfort zone if you do this I am sure that you feel happy in your life


As I see. So many people compare himself with other by doing this compare they and by comparing he and she go unfulfilled  or we say feel the sense of the failure

This is because we all show that to other that in social media or in live

You are happy then other means you show you are more happy then other .

feeling unfulfilled

But , as we know the inner side of feeling is opposite as always.

So don't show how you are and don't remember your past just forget .

what to do when feeling unfulfilled

And so do not find your happyness just go towards your goal and present you find your happiness.

If you find you own happiness then your true life purpose and also attitude come and you not feel unfulfilled

Begin to transform

#3 NO PURPOSE FOR LIFE { Unfulfilled Life }

so many people around you feeling unfulfilled because the one for the reasons also it they don't have the purpose for life


Don't have the goal and that why they can't change himself.

what to do when feelingunfulfilled

So if you also feeling like this create the goal and work on it and always focus on it and try to achieve it fast

Questions comes how we do this ?

So Frist I will say that start your goal journey with small small task and go to the big goal

With the help of small task you comes near your goal and achive it

what to do when feeling unfulfilled

And this is the reason of feeling unfulfilled and also fix it by targeting your goal

#4. TAKING RISKS { Unfulfilled Life }

As when the people is feeling so unfulfilled then or we say unhappy.

Then they try to change its self but he and she can't because he and she fear of taking the risks

This the type of fear which people hold in their comfort zone.

feeling unfulfilled

So because of it he and she don't change it self and then face the people of unhappy

I will say only that if you heart say change yourself just do it don't think so much because you will we happy by doing this

what to do when feeling unfulfilled

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