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January 24, 2021


I thing that some people are already know about it that the amit shah was launches the health insurance scheme .

Lets me clear you all more:

This all the health insurance scheme for the central armed polices forces

So the addressing the function to the extend the only benefit of the government healthcare programmed to the as I tell you in beginning center armed police forces ,

And with the help of report we find that or we say that he said that the vaccines developed by the Indian scientists as they are fully safe .

They also say that there is the many or some people who are spreading misinformation on the vaccines . and come to the another platform and also let have a duel.

He also asked that but why are you creating the doubt over the people health and also doing politics

And also says that :

I appeal all of the you to go for the vaccine when its your turn comes . and do not have any of the doubt over o related its efficacy .

As we already launched the world biggest vaccination drive .

So he added some of the things like a or shah ceremoniously distributed the “ayushman” CAPF health cards among with some personnel from

As the seven central armed police forces here

And also this will give you the health insurance benefit to the around 50 lakh people (shah said )

As we are the completed the examination of process for the 50,000 recruitments , and also now we are start the process of  again to the hire another 50,000 persons in the CAPFs

And also the our target is to one hiring against one of  departure in the five years with this , and also everyone will be able to stay at home for the 100 days in a year he added

You know that , The home minister was also virtually inaugurated in the sashastra seema bals (SSB) 168 quarters and also the 10 bed hospital and also an the administrative building located at the different places of the Assam.

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