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The latest news comes that the man goes missing form the three weeks and says that he was survived on the mushrooms on being found that :

Let me tell you are full story of the missing man :

So this report comes form the delhi , the the one man who was form the Australian man and this is the man who went to missing for the 18 days has been found after getting the lost in the bush with the his dog and also when their car got in the stuck in the mud . and the one man being found , the man said that he was that he forced to live with the off wild mushrooms and also water  from the dam for three weeks .

Let I tell you about the man , the name of the man , where he was come or form , and what he are doing there and so many thing lets check

so before he missing he was the 58 year old man and his name was Robert weber and at last time or we say last seen leaving at the hotel in the town of the kilkvian this was the town name kilkvian , queensland and also his dog was living with him on January 6 and also later he was the discovered on the Sunday after the called off the efforts to find him

with the help of the police we find the , or we say that according to the police , weber is the name how missing was found after the search and make the effort of police were called off and he was reportedly found near the dam on the date of Sunday means 24 , jan ,2021 by a property ownwer who has been indentified that the in Australian media as the local politician .

and at the tony perrrett and also his wife were reported to have the found weber just in the 3 km of the (1.9 miles) from where the missing guy car had been dfound and also after searching their the cattle farm he was sitting under the tree near the dam waving at us said by the perrett

we will been past this dam on the numerous occasion over in the last week and also when we saw him in there it was just the quite extraordinary and he also added weber was the suffering form the exposure to the elements but otherwise he was safe and also the well as police said that by.

So as per the report of the doctors , the weber missing guy spent the three days in the car and befoe running out of the water and also setting off on foot . hr then becomes the lost but always remained near the dam where he was survived by the sleeping on the ground and also drinking dam water and also eating mushrooms

And however the , weber dog has not been found yet so sad


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