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This news is comes form the Delhi that , the {you many time listen that after the scholarship people go to the beach or forests for trip } but with the help of the report we find that the one Indian lawyer has dedicated his whole life to just save the Amazon forests .


As report comes form the Delhi , the Indian origin lawyers who will go or went to brazil in the 1989 after getting the scholarship and also the has a doctorate degree and you know want he completed three post doctoral studies has dedicated to save the Amazon forests for giving this whole life .

The man , names is “SHAIJI THOMAS”

Man form “KERALA”

Has been the major environmental activist and also the even lived in the houseboat on the Amazon river .

And with the report of news agency name as IANS discuss his life in the brazil

So “thomas” said that ,

The he was came for the sao Paulo in the last end of the 1989 under an the overseas training program .and also said that when he came to here, the country was the reeling under the high inflation (more than the 5000 per cent per the year ).

Through out the country the was the so or say very rich , and also it has the high rate of the corruption too .

As you know that , the right wing government which was in the power for many of year to the rich class .

Let me tell you some about more of brazil

So the brazil is the three time bigger than the India and also owns almost two – third of the Amazon rainforest .and also the gap between the poor and rich very low in brazil

He tell her experience in brazil he said that the “as soon as I came to the brazil and he had the wonderful social experience with the landless and also the homeless people that people living here amd also he see the social movements here”

And he also said that , he also visited the amazon in the 1990 for the first time and got the chance to live with in the traditional people in there.

And also the vast amazon forest and also its natural resources is so good that why the they have attracted the many people from over the world

So after it media ask about his inspiration to get into the environmental conservation

He said that “I was also born in the agricultural family which had the lot of the land and also lived in the middle of the village in the ramapuram , palia in the kottayan district ”

Said that his father was the local political and also the socal worker who had the great interest in the protection of the environment .

So his father was a great inspiration for him .

He also added the content that the he go the very first time he like the natural and beatdy of the brazil and that why he inspiring.

And love to live like that natural

That why he as soon as possible finished his studies in the sao Paulo and alo he opted to worked in the amazon .

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