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As you know that form the so many months we all listen that the new game comes in india like the pubg game or we say that similar to the pubg game so we all are waiting for so many months but now the finally the happy movement comes so the finally the fau-g game lauch in the game is was the great movement for the india also and also the people who play the game most so now , you are ready to play the india game now .


So the India most of the awaiting mobile action game name  FAU-G was lauched in the day of the Tuesday and also we say that the at the date of the or day of the republic day or 72nd republic day : 26 / 1 /2021 .

And also the game was been developed by the ncore this is the languages and also it said to be that the India alternative or opposite for the popular pubg mobile .

In this game , The fearless and also the united guards (FAU-G) is an the multiplayer game and online game that are portrays in the life of the Indian soldiers serving at the borders .


So in the first episode is only based on the galwan valled face off , which is the considered  the deadliest clash between in the china and also the india in the past four decades .

Let me tell you that the FAU-G game was crossed the 5 million of the registrations on the google play store you also check that , with the one million people are registering is the just in the past week .

And the happy news of the day is that , the bollywood actor or the star akshay kumar took to the twitter to said that or post that the lauch of the game FAU-G and also the wrote , “and they face the enemy”.

And also protect our flag and this is the india most of the anticipated action game , fearless , emotional , and also united guards : and the FAU-G takes you to be the frontlines and also beyond  and go start the mission your today

After launching the game the game was viral in the social media like in the twitter and instagram and so many so many people making the memes and making the fun and also the promotion of the game this all are took place after launch of game  .

And 20 per cent of the game FAU-G revenue will be the donated to the bharat ke veer foundation .

“we are found that the donating 20 per cent of the game revenue to the bharat ke veer ”  foundation and also which will be also allow Indians to also contribute positively to the army





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