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As you know that , The protesters seek police permission for the R-day means republic day (rally) a day after the claiming to the receive their Nod .

Let me clear:-

the report said that :  the armers are allowed to enter the delhi and also travel up to the 100km distance on the each route ,

as you know that the farmer leader name was DARSHAN PAL said that :-

with the help of the report we find that he said that over the two lakh tractors will be the part of the republic day the name suggest “kisan parade”

also the in the national capital and also around 2500 volunteers wii be the part of or we say deployed to facilitate the movement of the vehicles

as with , the trackor trade will start form the place of “GHAZIPUR”


The farmer unions have the sought writer of permission form the delhi polices for the their tractor rally on the republic day .

And alsp say that they or we say that the protesters have assured that the they would not have been interface with the parade that will be the conducted on the rajpath on the 26 january .

You know that the delhi polices is not take the final decision that the (tractor rally ) well will conduct or not as said by the reports.

As the farmer leader said that they do not need any permission to the delhi police for the rally and so many farmer come to delhi because of the republic day tractor rally . and leader also said that he will we conduct the rally on the delhi outer road , and it does not matter if the delhi police give permission or not .

Earlier on the Saturday ! farmers had we claimed that the delhi the police has given its nod to the kisan prade .

Due to the report :

the delhi police has give the permission to the farmers tractor rally parade on January 26 ,

You know that contrary to his claims and the delhi police additional public the relation officer anil the mittal said that the they are in the final stages of the stages of the talks with in the protesters .

Since the  November 28 last year , the farmers mostly from the Punjab and also Haryana ,have been the protesting the against the laws at the several delhi border points

And let me tell you that the tractor rally on republic day will be taken out only after the 12 pm and after the r-day parade on the delhi rajpath concludes

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