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As you know all that for many days you are listen that the whatsapp is now way of banned and whatsapp is not have the security do not used it and so many thing comes in front of you


So the messaging apps or the whatsapp has been grabbing headline or we say the good title for the past few days now .

And also the whatsapp owner has been tell that or had the informed users of an update in its tearm of service and also the privacy policy regarding the how it processes the user data and also partner with the facebook to offer intergration acroos in the social media gaint products .

As also stated that the users will have to agree to the new terms and also the policy by the February 8 , 2021 in the order to the continue using of the  whatsapp services.

With the help of the report we also find that the because of changing the privacy of whatsapp or we say after announcement user of the social expressed their concerns over the chat privacy

And after all this stuff the company said that the ,  the issued was solve and also said the latest policy updates does not affect the and also not harm the privacy of the messages as the facebook owned company sought to the address around the security of the user data on the platform .

In the blogpost whatsapp tell the clear that it does not share the user contact or information lists or also the data of group to the facebook for the purpose of ad and also that neither whatsapp nor also facebook can read the messages or hear the calls between the users on the whatsapp .


There is the one message on social media is now getting viral so faster that where it is has neem clamed that the name is varun pulayani who claims to be the director of the whatsapp message if not we forwarded to at least the 20 people they will lead to suspension of the account from the new server . as according to the claim , the reactivation of the whatsapp account will we incur a charge of the Rs 25 per month.

This is not the last or the first time that such the thnk fake messages had goes the viral on the social media

In this viral message tell that the whatsapp has been talked about the being sold to the facbook owner name as mark zuckerberg for the USD 19 billion and also whereas earlier, the same to same claim was made with the mukesh ambani

And the last of this the rest of the claims of the both viral messages are the same .

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