The movie starring Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan will be released on April 29 after RRR finalizes March 25

Two big movies will be released on the first weekend in March. We have reported earlier that Prabhas’s “Radhe Shyam” will be released on March 11th. The other movie is being produced by Raghava Lawrence and has Allu Arjun as the lead.

The makers of director SS Rajamouli’s upcoming Indian film “RRR” (also known as “Rabhasa” in Hindi) have announced that the film will be released on March 25 in theaters worldwide.

The team of another Telugu movie,

“Acharya” (also known as “Swamy Ra Ra”), also quickly confirmed the news.

After a discussion between the director of RRR and the director of Acharya, both sides agreed:

While RRR will be released on April 29th, Acharya will not release before that date.

also, check 

The date was later changed because it was decided that RRR needed more work.


As you know all that the pubg mobile has been banned in the India but let me tell you one thing the pubg mobile was not fully or permanent banned in the India  and there is so many people who do not know what is pubg mobile so the pubg mobile was the or type of the action game who was not permanent banned in india  .

Or with the help of the report we find that the pubg mobile india wont ever return to the india and the battle royale game likely to face permanent ban s the centre has no plan to be unban pubg mobile game.

So as you all know that who love action game the new game FAU-G released after the pubg banned so as after the release of the new action game name was FAU-G full form it {fearless and united guards } and also all the gamers across the india are only or we say that eagerly waiting for the return of the PUBG full form of the pubg is {players unknown battlegrounds}

And at last with the help of the reports we find that the last report come to suggest that the ban on the royal game may be the permanent or we say that our {PM} narendra modi government has tell or said to refused or we say also said that banned the all multiple china origin apps .


With the help of the reports we find that the , or we say that in this week the centre decided to be banned the 59 all apps of china mobile application fully or we say that permanently .

And the ministry of the electronic and also the information technology {meitY} informed companies and also including PUBG corporation and said about the permanent banned in the India and also making it difficult for the battle royale to be return in the censored form.

As the citing sources are familiar with the latest updates of the game and also IGN india reported that the centre has not any plan for the unban PUBG mobile

And also you know that authorities is like the stupid because the development of the game is still in the hand of the china.

And the meanwhile the new game was launch the new game name is FAU-G and it was the same like the pubg mobile it was the action game and now finally come in the india for the all android mobile devices users the main aim of the this game is to provide the alternative to the pubg mobile .

Step to download this game :-

STEP 1: always remember or make sure that the your mobile data is on or the stable the wifi connection

STEP 2: go to the or click to the google play store .

STEP 3 : and search or type the  game game FAU-G game


STEP 5: and click on the download button

STEP 6: just install it and play the game




As you know that form the so many months we all listen that the new game comes in india like the pubg game or we say that similar to the pubg game so we all are waiting for so many months but now the finally the happy movement comes so the finally the fau-g game lauch in the game is was the great movement for the india also and also the people who play the game most so now , you are ready to play the india game now .


So the India most of the awaiting mobile action game name  FAU-G was lauched in the day of the Tuesday and also we say that the at the date of the or day of the republic day or 72nd republic day : 26 / 1 /2021 .

And also the game was been developed by the ncore this is the languages and also it said to be that the India alternative or opposite for the popular pubg mobile .

In this game , The fearless and also the united guards (FAU-G) is an the multiplayer game and online game that are portrays in the life of the Indian soldiers serving at the borders .


So in the first episode is only based on the galwan valled face off , which is the considered  the deadliest clash between in the china and also the india in the past four decades .

Let me tell you that the FAU-G game was crossed the 5 million of the registrations on the google play store you also check that , with the one million people are registering is the just in the past week .

And the happy news of the day is that , the bollywood actor or the star akshay kumar took to the twitter to said that or post that the lauch of the game FAU-G and also the wrote , “and they face the enemy”.

And also protect our flag and this is the india most of the anticipated action game , fearless , emotional , and also united guards : and the FAU-G takes you to be the frontlines and also beyond  and go start the mission your today

After launching the game the game was viral in the social media like in the twitter and instagram and so many so many people making the memes and making the fun and also the promotion of the game this all are took place after launch of game  .

And 20 per cent of the game FAU-G revenue will be the donated to the bharat ke veer foundation .

“we are found that the donating 20 per cent of the game revenue to the bharat ke veer ”  foundation and also which will be also allow Indians to also contribute positively to the army






As you know that arnab goswami was the biggest anchor of the republic tv (news channel) . so for fix the rating and the TRP the arnab goswami gives Rs 40 lakhs and they scam it


So the arnab goswami is the republic tv anchor and also the editor in the chief ad reportedly paid the us$ 12,000 in the two spate holidays and also the total number or amount will we 40 laks to the manipulate the rating and trp or the channel over the span of the more than three years and also former CEO of the broadcast audience research council (BARC) is claimed in the handwritten statement to the Mumbai police .

Matter of report :-

The report by the Indian express quoted dasgupta statement in the 3600 pages will we supplementary by the chargesheet filed by the Mumbai police on the january 11 and you know what which also include the a BARC forensic audit report and also the whatsapp chates between the two and also the statements from the 59 person , that including the former COO of the BARC name was the romil ramgarhia and also the republic media network (news channel) CEO name was the vikas khanchandani  .

The statement of the dasgupta : he said that the “I have know the arnab goswami since form 2004 and also we used to work together in the times now after I joined the BARC as CEO in the 2013 and thye arnab goswami launched the republic tv in 2017 after launching the republic tv arnab always ask me or talk to me about the plans for the lauch and also I indirectly help him to get the good help or good rating to his channel and arnab goswami knew very ell that how TRP works and how the TRP system works and then he also alluded to helping me to out in the future ”

Wait this is not the full statement so the further said thet “ the I worked worked with the my team which makes the republic as the or get the number 1 rating . and this all thing continued from the 2017 to the 2019 towards this also in the 2017 arnab and me meet personally at the hotel of name is st regis hotel and lower parel and also given me 6000 dollars cash for for my france and also the Switzerland family trip and also in the 2019 arnab goswami had me personally me at the place of hotel given up 6000 dollar for my trip Sweden and also demark  family trip ”

“And this will we continue as like that in 2017 arnab had personally met him at the place of ITC parel hotel and also given me Rs 20 lakh cash and also the same 2018 and 2019 arnab again met me and give me at same hotel and given me the Rs 10 lakh each time ”

And the dasgupta lawyer name was arjun sigh has been refuted this allegation

However , the separate statement of the republic media has been accused the rival TV channel times now of the manipulating TRPs suppressing the facts and also misleading the public .

And you know what it has also said that there has been the collusion of the corporate and also political interests to target its editor in chief name = arnab goswami


The latest news comes that the man goes missing form the three weeks and says that he was survived on the mushrooms on being found that :

Let me tell you are full story of the missing man :

So this report comes form the delhi , the the one man who was form the Australian man and this is the man who went to missing for the 18 days has been found after getting the lost in the bush with the his dog and also when their car got in the stuck in the mud . and the one man being found , the man said that he was that he forced to live with the off wild mushrooms and also water  from the dam for three weeks .

Let I tell you about the man , the name of the man , where he was come or form , and what he are doing there and so many thing lets check

so before he missing he was the 58 year old man and his name was Robert weber and at last time or we say last seen leaving at the hotel in the town of the kilkvian this was the town name kilkvian , queensland and also his dog was living with him on January 6 and also later he was the discovered on the Sunday after the called off the efforts to find him

with the help of the police we find the , or we say that according to the police , weber is the name how missing was found after the search and make the effort of police were called off and he was reportedly found near the dam on the date of Sunday means 24 , jan ,2021 by a property ownwer who has been indentified that the in Australian media as the local politician .

and at the tony perrrett and also his wife were reported to have the found weber just in the 3 km of the (1.9 miles) from where the missing guy car had been dfound and also after searching their the cattle farm he was sitting under the tree near the dam waving at us said by the perrett

we will been past this dam on the numerous occasion over in the last week and also when we saw him in there it was just the quite extraordinary and he also added weber was the suffering form the exposure to the elements but otherwise he was safe and also the well as police said that by.

So as per the report of the doctors , the weber missing guy spent the three days in the car and befoe running out of the water and also setting off on foot . hr then becomes the lost but always remained near the dam where he was survived by the sleeping on the ground and also drinking dam water and also eating mushrooms

And however the , weber dog has not been found yet so sad



This news is comes form the Delhi that , the {you many time listen that after the scholarship people go to the beach or forests for trip } but with the help of the report we find that the one Indian lawyer has dedicated his whole life to just save the Amazon forests .


As report comes form the Delhi , the Indian origin lawyers who will go or went to brazil in the 1989 after getting the scholarship and also the has a doctorate degree and you know want he completed three post doctoral studies has dedicated to save the Amazon forests for giving this whole life .

The man , names is “SHAIJI THOMAS”

Man form “KERALA”

Has been the major environmental activist and also the even lived in the houseboat on the Amazon river .

And with the report of news agency name as IANS discuss his life in the brazil

So “thomas” said that ,

The he was came for the sao Paulo in the last end of the 1989 under an the overseas training program .and also said that when he came to here, the country was the reeling under the high inflation (more than the 5000 per cent per the year ).

Through out the country the was the so or say very rich , and also it has the high rate of the corruption too .

As you know that , the right wing government which was in the power for many of year to the rich class .

Let me tell you some about more of brazil

So the brazil is the three time bigger than the India and also owns almost two – third of the Amazon rainforest .and also the gap between the poor and rich very low in brazil

He tell her experience in brazil he said that the “as soon as I came to the brazil and he had the wonderful social experience with the landless and also the homeless people that people living here amd also he see the social movements here”

And he also said that , he also visited the amazon in the 1990 for the first time and got the chance to live with in the traditional people in there.

And also the vast amazon forest and also its natural resources is so good that why the they have attracted the many people from over the world

So after it media ask about his inspiration to get into the environmental conservation

He said that “I was also born in the agricultural family which had the lot of the land and also lived in the middle of the village in the ramapuram , palia in the kottayan district ”

Said that his father was the local political and also the socal worker who had the great interest in the protection of the environment .

So his father was a great inspiration for him .

He also added the content that the he go the very first time he like the natural and beatdy of the brazil and that why he inspiring.

And love to live like that natural

That why he as soon as possible finished his studies in the sao Paulo and alo he opted to worked in the amazon .



Let me clear you the first what is BIRD FLU


Avian influenza and bird flu is both are same thing only the same is change .

So its is the highly contagious viral disease caused by the influenza . now what is this influenza so this is the type  A virus which generally affects the poultry birds like the or such as chickens and also turkeys .

As there is many strains of the viruses – some of the them are the mild and also may merely cause a low egg production


As you know that the wild aquatic birds such as the ducks and also geese are the natural reservoir of the influenza   a viruses and also the central players in the ecology of the these viruses

Many of the birds carry the flu without developing the sickness and also in their droppings .

As since birds excrete even while also flying , and also they provide “the nice aerosol of the influenza virus and also shedding it to all the over the world ”

And form the water birds , many of the whom migrate and also travel long distance and also the viruses are thus further spread to the poultry and also terrestrial birds .

Sometimes the virus also jumped over the mammals such as the pigs , horses , cat and also dogs .


We the help of media we find that , THE FOOD SAFETY AND STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF INDIA (FSSAI) , the ministry of the health and also family welfare has the list or make the list that do or not do for eating eggs and also chicken

This all comes after the several states including the delhi and also Mumbai

As because of the bird flu poultry sales have gone down the sharply due to the bird flu as I tell you outbreak and also many of the people are avoiding eating the chicken and eggs at the all.

You know that it is said to be ok to eat chicken or the eggs when only if they are cooked properly

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) also said that the proper cooking properly inactivates the virus present inside the meat and also eggs.

And let me clear you more that there is not any proper data to cooked eggs and chicken caused sign of the bird infection in the humans

As the temperature is the key ! the virus is destroyed at the 70 c if held for about the three seconds


  1. Always remember Do not the eat half-boiled eggs
  2. And also Do not the eat undercooked chicken
  3. Avoid the direct contact with the birds in the infected areas
  4. Avoid the touching dead birds with the bare hands
  5. Do not keep the raw meat in the open
  6. No direct contact with the raw meat
  7. Use the mask and also gloves at the time of the handling raw chicken
  8. Wash hands properly
  9. Maintain the cleanliness surroundings
  10. Eat chicken, eggs and also their products after cooking

Dog Waits 6 Days Outside Hospital For Owner Undergoing Treatment Before Emotional Reunion

Dog Waits 6 Days Outside Hospital For Owner Undergoing Treatment Before Emotional Reunion



You always listen that the lover is waiting or best friends cares  but you never listen that the:-


As how many time you see the movie of the dogs that loves this family and owner  . you also watched  one of them is “HACHIKO” – A dog story and also cried the most of the time . In this the loyal “HACHI” also waited for his owner (played by the RICHARD GERE ) As he also pass the or we say suffering for much  disease ?

So many of the people says that this amazing film and also based on a true love and loyalty story and that took place in the 18th century in japan.

In this also you will see similar story , a loyal dog also waited for the her owner at outside the hospital in the turkey . something around one week until he was released after the undergoing the treatment for the brain condition .

You know that ?   the dog named was “BONCUK” we all salute that dog for her loyalty toward with his owner .

Also the dog get the rewarded for the loyalty because they show the emotional toward the her owner who was the 68-year-old her name was is “CEMAL SENTURK ” and dinally left the hospital in the north eastern city of Trabzon .


According to the media reports {JANUARY 14} after the brain embolism .


The meaning of the dog name is “BEADS” its means that “hazel  eyes ”

So with the help of “eyes”  dog follow the ambulance and find the hospital were her owner was and also she occasionally fed by the hospital staff.

Dog was soo sweet in nature and she never harm anyone or we say that she doesn’t pose a danger to the anyone .

And all the staff of the hospital see that dost and other people also see and all understand the relationship between the dog and her owner  and this thing makes him “happy”


Who name is  “FUAT UGUR” said to the media

And said that : the senturk daughter always and many times tried to take the dog with himself , but you all know that dog  really love his owner  , so she kept running away to return to the hospital.


And the times comes , finally the owner or we say that senturk left the hospital in this week , and the her dog “BONCUK” run alongside  with his wheelchair , and also jump up to the petted and also wagging her tail .

And this all makes the all the person or the staff very happy ,