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So as you know that the tractor rally will we had on the r- day or we say that the republic day and the 100 tractor rally will we on the 26 jan 2021 as you know all after it :


the new or fresh news come form the delhi with the help of the report we find that farmer unions protesting the againt in the centre three agricultural laws near the delhi on the Monday said they will we march toward with the parliament on the feb 1 , at the day of the presentation of the union budget .

the leader of the famers said that name was the darshan pal said that the “farmers will we march towards the parliament from the different location on the budget day of the 1 february” this all thing is said by the farmer leader “darshan pal”

as the report comes that , the earlier in the day the nationalist congress party of chief sharad pawar said it that the was unfortunate that those in the power of the did not care about the farmers protesting and also he addressed the rally in the Mumbai of organized to the express solidarity with the farmers protesting against in the contentious farm laws near the delhi borders .

and you know that the delhi police and also the farmers are agreed on the three routes for the republic day tractor rally . but there is not clear time or the routes are not we clear yet . and the police on Sunday said that the tractors will be the allowed in the city only when through certain designated entry and also the exit point and also said that the thius rally will we conduct when the or after the traditional military parade ,

and the enated in the September last year , the only three farm laws have been projected that the or by the centre as major reforms in the agriculture sectors will we remove middlemen and also they are allow to the farmers to sell their produce anywhere in all over the country


However , the protect of the farmers have been ecpressed their apprehension that the new laws have been past and would save the way for the eliminating the safety of the minimum support price and also do away with the mandi or we also say that wholesale market system and also leaving them at the mercy of the big corporates




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